Downhill Goggle Vision

the orange above was meant to display another riders filtered view of the scene below.  Last minute adjustment layers can make or break a piece, and I think I broke it in the orange ... you tell me :)

Grey Swell

Its been a while so I thought I'd share this quickie I made after my recent  purchase.

Tested CS6 and man is it nice that Photoshop can use all the available memory.  The iMac from '09 was crashing too often, so I went with a new quad core mac mini server. I have to say this little dude packs a punch.

In a Goodly Way

My friend Matt Hewitt's short film "In a Goodly Way" is premiering soon so I made him this cool promo deal-y. The film is being shown at the  Downtown Independent on June 20th. Tickets will be available online soon... until then here's the trailer:

Here's the rough as well as 2 other concepts that didnt quite do it. Was focusing on feeling the passage of time and how the sun beats us all. 

Maynard Dixon was a big influence in this one, not gonna lie. 

A Jump Test

Things have been slow so I dove back into After Effects. This will all lead somewhere I promise... Your whetted beaks will be able to watch something much longer sometime this year. Enjoy

UPDATE: Thanks to Simon Rodgers for this awesome audio pairing idea.

Storm Swell

If they could talk, would these towers talk smack to eachother? What would they say?


We all know how nice it is when you feel the sun, even if the storm is still howling.

Midnight Watch

This piece is an exaggerated memory from a doomed surf mission when I was younger. No idea that I left my wetsuit behind, I went off to surf Malibu with only a rash guard and some friends who were prepared. No waves were caught but to this day it's one of my favorite memories of surfing with some good friends.