Updating some things. This happens when i realize my portfolio needs assembling. The work published on this blog is rarely finished, so I keep ya updated as to how these things evolve.

The first guy out image needed love everywhere because i did it in an hour. It needed a believably ground plane, believable fins, and less magenta. This one will be a pain to print, so well see how else it changes.

Pitas was a piece where i spent all the time on the houses, and never thought how to solve the waves. Well now i can say im happy with the water and the lighting effect overall.

End of Arnold had horrible shapes on the left side for industrial things. Flattened alot of what I was using there so its comfortable to look at.

I'm updating everything in hopes to streamline my site, blog and print store for you and me. Until then go to the beach and see what I'm seeing.

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